Thursday, 25 July 2013


As age grows, wrinkles start appearing on your face,
but sometime it appears before time. It happens due to the
loss of collagen. Collagen is  very important in keeping our
skin intact. If the level of collagen decreases in the body,
wrinkle starts appearing on the skin. Collagen also supports         
various tissues of our body, like of bones, muscles and
cartlege and at the same time it give strength to teeth and
inner parts of our body.
              Collagen is a type of protein. Our skin is divided
in three layers. Collagen is found in the lowest layer of the
skin.Collagen is present in our body in the shape of atom
and are linked to each -other like a bunch and are spread
all over the skin.Collagen is produced by cells named
fibroblast  which is present in the inner part of the skin.
Collagen is a linking tissue. It helps blood vessels, heart,
gall-bladder, kidney, bladder etc. in remaining at its position.
               Vitamin C plays a very important role in keeping
the collagen naturally healthy. If the level of vitamin C
decreases, skin stops producing collagen. With the growing
age, the level of collagen decreases in the skin, but sometime
it may happen due to other reasons too. Fatty food also
decreases the collagen. Excess of alcohol also badly affects
collagen. The disease like arthritis or other skin-infectious
disease also trigger the break-down process of collagen.
Collagen also gets adversely affected when our skin is
exposed  too much to the sun ray or polluted air.

To keep the wrinkle away, aelovera- juice and green tea
should be used regularly.