Thursday, 25 April 2013



 All of us wish and dream for a better life, but how many
 of us become successful in attaining a better life. The 
main question is that what is the definition of better life.
 For most person, the better life means, is to have big
 money, fancy duplexes, expensive cars, designer clothes. 
But are they assurance of a happy and fulfilling life in the 
long run? People may say that money solves most problems 
in life. It definitely gives you comfort. That is unchallenged,
 but the problem is that the pursuit of money is often confused
 with the pursuit of happiness and vice-verse. On the other
 hand people who enjoy close ties with friends and family 
 are happier and have fewer health problems than those who
 do not have. These people are more resilient to the stress of 
our times and cope with hurdles in their way in a far better way.
 Experts and researchers have derived the same conclusion. 
Happiness is not about money or success. What is it all about 
then? The feeling of happiness is different from one person to 
another. Some person may enjoy the rain while the other may 
hate it. Some people feel happy while gossiping. One may think
 these are momentary pleasures, but it is these small things that
 make people most happy. Material  possessions are not the only
 route to happiness.


                       The next logical question would be that how does
one understand whether he or she is leading a good life? In his 
website, Jamison Fox, asks a few fundamental 
questions to make people conscious of the kind of lives they are 
living. Would you like to be happier, healthier, wealthier or make
 the world a better place, he asks. "Impressing others, advancing 
your career will not give a very satisfied life. Living a good life is 
about being happy with what you have, and pursuing your dreams 
at the same time," says Fox. Money is a medium, an energy. There 
are people who have an abundance of it but they still feel empty. 
They often find themselves wondering what is missing. The answer 
is happiness. Everyone needs to add to the external factors of well
-being. People need to have a sense of purpose, spiritual practice, 
stillness, time to just be. To live life in gratitude, not giving energy 
to critics or negativity, going outside the comfort zone to help others,
 giving you the kind of happiness you never hoped to achieve.


                        New age guru Deepak Chopra believes becoming 
more conscious, make people more successful in every sphere of life.
 "People tend to approach life on a day-to-day basis, doing three 
things : following a set routine; coping with challenges as and when
 they come up and fulfilling short-term desires. By and large, it is
 routine that dominates. Even the thoughts we have today are 
generally the same thoughts we had yesterday. The hidden
 potential in all of us that does not get expressed lacks in only 
one place : your awareness. As you open your awareness, life 
opens its innumerable possibilities," he says. "Worry only about 
the things that are in your control, keep your life simple. Keep 
calming pleasures. Avoid excess and live life in harmony and 
balance" says, Michael A. Soupios in his book, 
               Jonathan Fields is an  author, an entrepreneur and 
lifestyle innovator. He produces a TV show called "THE GOOD LIFE".
 Project that draws inspiration from the real life experiences 
of acclaimed entrepreneurs, artists, authors and thinkers. 
Jonathan says, "A few years ago, I would have said,"I need to get
 a good life". Now I have come to believe that once your basic 
needs are covered, life well-lived is more about mindset than 
circumstances.Happiness is not a place to arrive at, it is a lens you
 bring to the place you are standing right now".