Monday, 25 February 2013


Burger, french-fries and cold-drinks attract not only children but the old too. These foods are taken in the name of happy-meal. A lot of dangerous thing related to health are hidden in these foods. Therefore, you must know the real facts about these products before taking it.



There is bun on the upper most part of a burger, which is made of refined flour. Refined flour causes constipation. Apart from this, refined flour increases bad cholesterol in the body. Fried potatoes, fish or chicken of burger contain too much trans-fat. Actually, if the same oil is heated again and again for the longer time, the level of trans-fat increases. However chicken and fish contain abundance of protein. Therefore, if grilled fish or grilled chicken is used in burger, then we get sufficient protein. Trans-fat works like time bomb for the heart. This increases the cholesterol very fast. Vegetables like, tomato, onion and cauliflower which are used in burger, increase the nutrient value of the burger. These vegetables contain potassium, vitamins, calcium and protein. To make burger tasty, fat and salt are used in much quantity with the bun. Cheese is the another ingredient of burger which contains sodium, calcium, phosphorous, and protein. These things make our bone and teeth strong. But the cheese which is used in the burger of the market is processed. And during the process of processing cheese, its nutrient value gets lost. Even preservatives are used to keep the cheese safely for the longer time, which increases the salt level too much in cheese. A medium size  burger contains 1452 milligram salt. So only by eating one burger, you take one-fourth part of the single day's dose of the salt.  

Soft-drink contains artificial sugar, which increases too much caloric level in it. If anybody takes this artificial sugar regularly, then the person will surely gain weight. This also increases the body mass. On the other hand diet soft-drink contains less sugar and because of this it is better than regular soft-drink. Those who do not  take soft-drink at all, are more fit. Soft-drink also affects the insulin of the body which affects the functioning of the insulin and increases the risk of diabetes. There is 110 calories in the 200-250 milliliter bottle of a cold-drink. Soft-drink damages the teeth too. Actually there gathers bacteria in teeth which creates acid with the help of sugar. This creates a layer on the teeth and the teeth starts decaying. 


French fries is made from white potato. White potato gets dissolved in our body very easily. After getting dissolved, this white potato compels our body to use it as energy. If this energy is not used immediately, then it gets turned into fats and remains in our body. The insulin of our body gets affected if french fries is eaten regularly. If this habit continue, then the risk of diabetes increases.
French fries also contains high fat, high sodium and high carbohydrates. Potato contains carbohydrates, while the oil in which potato is fried contains too much fats that directly cause the diseases like obesity and heart problem. Of course, we enjoy the taste of this two things, but these things are not good for our health in any way.


There is too much salt in ketchup which increases sodium, that is responsible for hyper-tension. Corn syrup is used in ketchup to make it sweet, which may disturb the sugar level of our body.


A 400 milliliter bottle cold drink         =      151 calories
A medium size burger                       =      310 calories
French fries                                     =      487 calories          
Total                                              =      948 calories 
Happy Meal                                     =      948 calories

It means a happy meal contains 948 calories which is too much. So we must be cautious while taking happy meal.