Saturday, 25 May 2013



Throughout the whole world it is a common belief among the people
that every fruit is beneficial for health, but taking fruit blindly may be
dangerous for some people.
                    A woman was very fond of eating papaya. When she  
became pregnant, doctor advised her not to eat papaya, but she
neglected the advice of the doctor. Consequently she suffered from
dysentery and her condition worsened to abortion. A wellness
expert says that mostly people think that fruit is healthy for their
health, but it is better to avoid some fruits during illness. Another
expert says that it depends on the condition of the patient whether
he or she should avoid some fruits completely or should take in
limited quantity. Generally diabetic patients are cautioned against
taking banana, mango, grapes and like all fruits which may increase
sugar-level.On the other hand some doctors suggest that even diabetic
patient can take one banana or a slice of mango because it give


         For a long period of time not only fruit but its juice is also being
taken by the people. Generally people take juice in order to get energy
instantly. But the doctor and the dietician advise to take fruit instead of
juice, then our body gets all the nutrients. We should take seasonal fruits.
Actually if we take juice, our body do not get the fiber which is present
in fruit. For example, if we want to make 300ml of apple juice, we will
have to use three apple and as on an average, one apple contains 3.75g
fiber, so our body gets deprived of approximately 11g of fiber. To
understand the difference of fruit and juice more clearly, we can  also
take the example of orange and orange juice. If we eat orange, we get
vitamin C as well as anti-allergic vitamin, but on the other hand orange
juice gives us only vitamin C.


               Doctors and dieticians suggest that fruit can be taken anytime
during the day, but the best time is taking it one or two hour before lunch
or dinner. Fruits like apple and orange have high soluble fiber in sufficient
quantity. If anyone takes it before taking food, the person does not feel
much hungry and can save oneself of over-eating. Fruits contain much
water and less calorie. Instead of eating one bowl of chips, if we take the
same quantity of fruits, then we will take 400 calories less.
                  So fruits are full of vitamins and fiber and is a good source of 


1.   Woman should avoid taking papaya and pine-apple during pregnancy
         because it may cause dysentery and can lead to abortion.

2.  Diabetic patients should avoid taking banana, mango, grapes, kiwi,
         pine-apple etc. to keep the glucose level under control.

3.  Patients suffering from kidney disorder must not take all types of
         citrus fruits, banana, apple and the fruits that contain potassium.

4.  Those who want to loose their weight, they should not take grapes,
         banana, pine-apple, rasp-berry etc.