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A woman of South Korea was of 70 kilograms in 2003. Her name is Jung Da Yeon. She had also become the mother of two children. She had always back pain. To get rid of this problem she started taking exercise and following dieting. This affected her so much that she lost 20 kilograms  of her weight within three months. Slowly her fitness became an example for woman in South Korea. She became a celebrity and people started following her. She has also written a book about weight-loss. Jung also made millions through her fitness center and television shows. She has also launched fitness center and exercise themed video games in Japan. Jung says that Asian women like her slim body very much. She is known as " Momjang Azumma" in South Korea, that means " mom with a striking figure." She is expanding her business continuously.  

Saturday, 3 August 2013


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Water is everything. Water is unique like our planet. Water is boon for our health and beauty. Water is one of the basic element of our body. Our body is made up of 55 to 75 percent of water. There is much water in the body of the thin person because in comparison to fats, muscles absorb much water. For beauty and health sufficient quantity of water is essential. If we take water carefully at right time, in right quantity and in right way, then our body will remain fit and healthy.
                              Experts suggest that we can increase the glowness of our skin by drinking sufficient quantity of water. If we drink much water, we can look younger and attractive by ten years. Water supplies nutrients to our skin naturally. Water not only keeps the wrinkle away but bring glow also to the life-less skin.Generally it is believed that if water is taken before the meal, then people feel less hunger. If sufficient quantity of water is taken just before the meal, then we take 70 to 75 calories less which can reduce nearly 2 kilograms of weight during 3 months. There is always a contradiction whether water should be taken during meal or not. The new research says that water is helpful in digestion. After meal, when the food reaches to the small intestine, there starts the process of separation of vitamins, proteins, fats, minerals and carbohydrates like elements from the food and then water acts as a lubricant in the small intestine.
                           It is very important to observe that how much water is used by our body. Our body uses water in passing urine, in perspiration and in filtering the body. In today's modern life style people do not pay full attention in drinking water. If there is less water in the body, we may feel tiredness, headache, muscle weakness, memory loss and moreover people do not even notice these problems due to their busy working life.There is risk of dehydration, if there is loss of 10 percent of liquid in our body. This is why we must drink water again and again to keep our kidney fit and healthy. So it is important to know that how much water is required by our body. It depends on various factor like the physical structure of the person, working style and the environment. Study suggests 3 litres of  water for male and 2 litres of water for female in a day is better. On an average basis 8 to 10 glass full of water is enough for a single day. To remain fit, it is advised to take low calorie liquid food in much quantity and water is the best such food.
                           Food experts say that for our health whether we should take cold or hot water it depends on the weather where the person is living. If we drink hot water, we feel our stomach is full, but it does not burn calories. Normal water not only satisfy our thirst but refines our body too. Hot water can reduce hunger up to a limit but for loosing weight it is not a solution to drink water again and again.


1.  We should not drink water after eating fruit. Acid which 
        is present in our stomach fights with the bacteria of  
        fruits and the water reduces the power of acid.

2.   After washing hands, it is very important to get your
        hands dry nicely otherwise the number of bacteria 
        will increase instead of decreasing.

3.   Anger and depression increases, if we drink less 
        water because drinking less water is not good for 
        your mind.

4.   Some people think tea as the best option to water, 
        but tea is never the answer to water.

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water the following site may also be 
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Thursday, 25 July 2013


As age grows, wrinkles start appearing on your face,
but sometime it appears before time. It happens due to the
loss of collagen. Collagen is  very important in keeping our
skin intact. If the level of collagen decreases in the body,
wrinkle starts appearing on the skin. Collagen also supports         
various tissues of our body, like of bones, muscles and
cartlege and at the same time it give strength to teeth and
inner parts of our body.
              Collagen is a type of protein. Our skin is divided
in three layers. Collagen is found in the lowest layer of the
skin.Collagen is present in our body in the shape of atom
and are linked to each -other like a bunch and are spread
all over the skin.Collagen is produced by cells named
fibroblast  which is present in the inner part of the skin.
Collagen is a linking tissue. It helps blood vessels, heart,
gall-bladder, kidney, bladder etc. in remaining at its position.
               Vitamin C plays a very important role in keeping
the collagen naturally healthy. If the level of vitamin C
decreases, skin stops producing collagen. With the growing
age, the level of collagen decreases in the skin, but sometime
it may happen due to other reasons too. Fatty food also
decreases the collagen. Excess of alcohol also badly affects
collagen. The disease like arthritis or other skin-infectious
disease also trigger the break-down process of collagen.
Collagen also gets adversely affected when our skin is
exposed  too much to the sun ray or polluted air.

To keep the wrinkle away, aelovera- juice and green tea
should be used regularly.    

Saturday, 25 May 2013



Throughout the whole world it is a common belief among the people
that every fruit is beneficial for health, but taking fruit blindly may be
dangerous for some people.
                    A woman was very fond of eating papaya. When she  
became pregnant, doctor advised her not to eat papaya, but she
neglected the advice of the doctor. Consequently she suffered from
dysentery and her condition worsened to abortion. A wellness
expert says that mostly people think that fruit is healthy for their
health, but it is better to avoid some fruits during illness. Another
expert says that it depends on the condition of the patient whether
he or she should avoid some fruits completely or should take in
limited quantity. Generally diabetic patients are cautioned against
taking banana, mango, grapes and like all fruits which may increase
sugar-level.On the other hand some doctors suggest that even diabetic
patient can take one banana or a slice of mango because it give


         For a long period of time not only fruit but its juice is also being
taken by the people. Generally people take juice in order to get energy
instantly. But the doctor and the dietician advise to take fruit instead of
juice, then our body gets all the nutrients. We should take seasonal fruits.
Actually if we take juice, our body do not get the fiber which is present
in fruit. For example, if we want to make 300ml of apple juice, we will
have to use three apple and as on an average, one apple contains 3.75g
fiber, so our body gets deprived of approximately 11g of fiber. To
understand the difference of fruit and juice more clearly, we can  also
take the example of orange and orange juice. If we eat orange, we get
vitamin C as well as anti-allergic vitamin, but on the other hand orange
juice gives us only vitamin C.


               Doctors and dieticians suggest that fruit can be taken anytime
during the day, but the best time is taking it one or two hour before lunch
or dinner. Fruits like apple and orange have high soluble fiber in sufficient
quantity. If anyone takes it before taking food, the person does not feel
much hungry and can save oneself of over-eating. Fruits contain much
water and less calorie. Instead of eating one bowl of chips, if we take the
same quantity of fruits, then we will take 400 calories less.
                  So fruits are full of vitamins and fiber and is a good source of 


1.   Woman should avoid taking papaya and pine-apple during pregnancy
         because it may cause dysentery and can lead to abortion.

2.  Diabetic patients should avoid taking banana, mango, grapes, kiwi,
         pine-apple etc. to keep the glucose level under control.

3.  Patients suffering from kidney disorder must not take all types of
         citrus fruits, banana, apple and the fruits that contain potassium.

4.  Those who want to loose their weight, they should not take grapes,
         banana, pine-apple, rasp-berry etc. 

Thursday, 25 April 2013



 All of us wish and dream for a better life, but how many
 of us become successful in attaining a better life. The 
main question is that what is the definition of better life.
 For most person, the better life means, is to have big
 money, fancy duplexes, expensive cars, designer clothes. 
But are they assurance of a happy and fulfilling life in the 
long run? People may say that money solves most problems 
in life. It definitely gives you comfort. That is unchallenged,
 but the problem is that the pursuit of money is often confused
 with the pursuit of happiness and vice-verse. On the other
 hand people who enjoy close ties with friends and family 
 are happier and have fewer health problems than those who
 do not have. These people are more resilient to the stress of 
our times and cope with hurdles in their way in a far better way.
 Experts and researchers have derived the same conclusion. 
Happiness is not about money or success. What is it all about 
then? The feeling of happiness is different from one person to 
another. Some person may enjoy the rain while the other may 
hate it. Some people feel happy while gossiping. One may think
 these are momentary pleasures, but it is these small things that
 make people most happy. Material  possessions are not the only
 route to happiness.


                       The next logical question would be that how does
one understand whether he or she is leading a good life? In his 
website, Jamison Fox, asks a few fundamental 
questions to make people conscious of the kind of lives they are 
living. Would you like to be happier, healthier, wealthier or make
 the world a better place, he asks. "Impressing others, advancing 
your career will not give a very satisfied life. Living a good life is 
about being happy with what you have, and pursuing your dreams 
at the same time," says Fox. Money is a medium, an energy. There 
are people who have an abundance of it but they still feel empty. 
They often find themselves wondering what is missing. The answer 
is happiness. Everyone needs to add to the external factors of well
-being. People need to have a sense of purpose, spiritual practice, 
stillness, time to just be. To live life in gratitude, not giving energy 
to critics or negativity, going outside the comfort zone to help others,
 giving you the kind of happiness you never hoped to achieve.


                        New age guru Deepak Chopra believes becoming 
more conscious, make people more successful in every sphere of life.
 "People tend to approach life on a day-to-day basis, doing three 
things : following a set routine; coping with challenges as and when
 they come up and fulfilling short-term desires. By and large, it is
 routine that dominates. Even the thoughts we have today are 
generally the same thoughts we had yesterday. The hidden
 potential in all of us that does not get expressed lacks in only 
one place : your awareness. As you open your awareness, life 
opens its innumerable possibilities," he says. "Worry only about 
the things that are in your control, keep your life simple. Keep 
calming pleasures. Avoid excess and live life in harmony and 
balance" says, Michael A. Soupios in his book, 
               Jonathan Fields is an  author, an entrepreneur and 
lifestyle innovator. He produces a TV show called "THE GOOD LIFE".
 Project that draws inspiration from the real life experiences 
of acclaimed entrepreneurs, artists, authors and thinkers. 
Jonathan says, "A few years ago, I would have said,"I need to get
 a good life". Now I have come to believe that once your basic 
needs are covered, life well-lived is more about mindset than 
circumstances.Happiness is not a place to arrive at, it is a lens you
 bring to the place you are standing right now".


Monday, 25 February 2013


Burger, french-fries and cold-drinks attract not only children but the old too. These foods are taken in the name of happy-meal. A lot of dangerous thing related to health are hidden in these foods. Therefore, you must know the real facts about these products before taking it.



There is bun on the upper most part of a burger, which is made of refined flour. Refined flour causes constipation. Apart from this, refined flour increases bad cholesterol in the body. Fried potatoes, fish or chicken of burger contain too much trans-fat. Actually, if the same oil is heated again and again for the longer time, the level of trans-fat increases. However chicken and fish contain abundance of protein. Therefore, if grilled fish or grilled chicken is used in burger, then we get sufficient protein. Trans-fat works like time bomb for the heart. This increases the cholesterol very fast. Vegetables like, tomato, onion and cauliflower which are used in burger, increase the nutrient value of the burger. These vegetables contain potassium, vitamins, calcium and protein. To make burger tasty, fat and salt are used in much quantity with the bun. Cheese is the another ingredient of burger which contains sodium, calcium, phosphorous, and protein. These things make our bone and teeth strong. But the cheese which is used in the burger of the market is processed. And during the process of processing cheese, its nutrient value gets lost. Even preservatives are used to keep the cheese safely for the longer time, which increases the salt level too much in cheese. A medium size  burger contains 1452 milligram salt. So only by eating one burger, you take one-fourth part of the single day's dose of the salt.  

Soft-drink contains artificial sugar, which increases too much caloric level in it. If anybody takes this artificial sugar regularly, then the person will surely gain weight. This also increases the body mass. On the other hand diet soft-drink contains less sugar and because of this it is better than regular soft-drink. Those who do not  take soft-drink at all, are more fit. Soft-drink also affects the insulin of the body which affects the functioning of the insulin and increases the risk of diabetes. There is 110 calories in the 200-250 milliliter bottle of a cold-drink. Soft-drink damages the teeth too. Actually there gathers bacteria in teeth which creates acid with the help of sugar. This creates a layer on the teeth and the teeth starts decaying. 


French fries is made from white potato. White potato gets dissolved in our body very easily. After getting dissolved, this white potato compels our body to use it as energy. If this energy is not used immediately, then it gets turned into fats and remains in our body. The insulin of our body gets affected if french fries is eaten regularly. If this habit continue, then the risk of diabetes increases.
French fries also contains high fat, high sodium and high carbohydrates. Potato contains carbohydrates, while the oil in which potato is fried contains too much fats that directly cause the diseases like obesity and heart problem. Of course, we enjoy the taste of this two things, but these things are not good for our health in any way.


There is too much salt in ketchup which increases sodium, that is responsible for hyper-tension. Corn syrup is used in ketchup to make it sweet, which may disturb the sugar level of our body.


A 400 milliliter bottle cold drink         =      151 calories
A medium size burger                       =      310 calories
French fries                                     =      487 calories          
Total                                              =      948 calories 
Happy Meal                                     =      948 calories

It means a happy meal contains 948 calories which is too much. So we must be cautious while taking happy meal.