Saturday, 15 December 2012


In order to loose weight fast most of the person do workout in the morning empty stomach which is wrong. Taking exercise empty stomach is not a good idea because it affects your muscles adversely and at the same time one can loose fats very little. So in such case the million dollar question is what to eat before taking exercise and what after workout so that the muscles which got damaged during the exercise can be repaired. 
                                  Study suggests that those who feel weakness during workout, because most of them are taking exercise empty stomach. It is good to take one apple or one banana before going for regular exercise because it balance the metabolism rate and you get more energy for workout. But be cautious, never take heavy breakfast before exercise. You should also not take heavy breakfast  even when you are going to run. After exercise, the food is very important because it repairs the muscles which get damaged during workout. But there must be full balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats in such food.


            When anybody does workout in the gym with full force for 90 minutes, then on an average basis that person loose 650 calories, but this does not mean that one should make-up this lost calories by taking fatty foods. After workout one should  take such food which consist 60 percent protein, 20 percent carbohydrates and 20 percent fats. In such food there may be a glass of low fat milk or soya milk, cornflax, fruit-salad and 3 eggs. In place of egg one can also take a small bowl of chicken or fish. As fish contains omega-3 fatty acid so it is a good source of protein and fats.
                      There is no need to be hopeless for those who are vegetarian. Physician suggests that vegetarian people can take a bowl of pulse in place of eggs and can get complete protein for their need. There arise the shortage of water in the body and muscles, so one should take oranges, tomato, pine-apple etc. for the make-up of water. Taking 150 gram curd or yogurt is also better. For carbohydrates one should take sweet potato or simple potato after boiling. Never eat fried-potato because it finishes the nutrient value of potato and one take only useless fats. Brown-rice is also a good option of it which provides fiber in abundance. One should also include almond and ground-nuts   in one's food. Fruits can also be taken season-wise like mango or banana.
              Before workout one must take foods which contains complex carbohydrate. Some doctors say that glucose , juice, rise or pulse can also be taken before starting exercise. The purpose of the exercise is not to loose fats only but to strengthen the muscles too. Therefore it is very important to take right diet before and after exercise than to simply workout.