Thursday, 20 December 2012



For sound health there are many factors which is vital like, food habits, lifestyle, environment etc. Apart from these things, sound sleep also plays a very important role in keeping the health of a person fit. If a person does not take sound sleep regularly, that person may come in the grip of a number of disease like, high blood pressure, stroke, weight-gain, diabetes, etc. Doctors may say that the sleep pattern changes as the age grows. This thing also happens during the long period of sickness. Actually, the thing which is responsible for our sleeplessness is the thing that gives us comfort and that is sleeping pills. Sleeping pills can give you benefit in the starting but if you use it for long time, then its effect get minimize and your sleep may be disturbed. Sleeping pills affect one of the chemical of our mind which decreases the activity of the nerve and increases the sleep. People may experience sleep even in the  day time because of this pills. We should take sleeping pills in the case of need only and only after consulting the doctor. These pills are generally prescribed by the doctor for two to three weeks, but some people continue taking it for years. For some people it is easy to use pills than to try another ways for the sleep. And many doctors keep prescribing these medicine to the patients because either they are not the expert of sleep medicine or they try to give their patients immediate sleep. Some patients need long treatment but it is right to take this medicine for the short time. Therefore, take care of your sleep for keeping your health fit.