Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Happiness is one of the best way to keep yourself fit. Even so many research have proved this. Psychologist advocates for this too. When we are in happy mood, the activity of some special kind of hormone in our body increases which make our mood happy and save our mood from many negative thoughts too.
                    It means that each of us want to be happy and the factor which can make anyone happy is present in one's own body. But we are not happy always, why? What is the problem?There must be some reason. Yes, there is some reason behind it. The reasons are like not to take sufficient sleep, irregular lifestyle, recklessness in food habits and not to workout etc. badly affects this hormone. And because of this we encounter problems like, tiredness, irritation, tension, insomnia, bad mood, not to feel hungry, anger without any cause etc. for the whole day. To keep our sleep regular, maintain our energy level, to keep our mood in good condition and to make nutrition available to the mind, this hormone plays an important role. And for this, it is very important to have full balance of this hormone with the other chemicals of our body.
                    So what we can do to make this hormone active. We can do at least three things. Firstly, we should take sunlight because sunlight activates this hormone and in the absence of sunlight its level decreases. Secondly, we should take balance diet because in the absence of balance diet this hormone gets affected specially when people take high protein and low carbohydrates diet in the greed of loosing weight or dieting. Thirdly, we should avoid taking extra caffeinated drinks like tea, coffee or cold-drinks  and alcohol because these things adversely affects this hormone. Therefore, take care of this hormone and be happy to remain always fit.