Thursday, 20 December 2012



 Hair is one of the rarest gift of the God which make us beautiful and 
attractive. One cannot look beautiful and cute without hair. What will happen in the absence of the hair? Mere thinking of it gives us hard blow. In reality, we do not want to think of it even. Those who suffer from the problem of baldness or hair-loss, are always in mental tension because of this problem. The feeling of inferiority complex starts growing in those person. There are eighty types of disease related to hair problem. Baldness in male or male-pattern baldness is the main disease among all. Because of this disease, the head of the male starts losing hair slowly from the front and finally baldness appears. Genetic disorder, dandruff, tension, water-change, high blood pressure etc. are the main reason behind baldness.
                                    But baldness can be cured. Homeopathic medicine can not only control hair fall but baldness too. Those who are suffering from genetic disorder, can get benefit from homeopathic medicine. Now- a- days so many new techniques have also arrived in the market. Like, with the help of video-microscope you can get your hair examined and can know what type of hair grows over your head. Growing hair with the help of Italian- ray-therapy can be better.