Wednesday, 19 December 2012



Green tea helps in minimizing the danger of heart disease. Study says that flavored tea minimize LDL- cholesterol and triglisride. Green tea reduces the level of this two and at the same time reduces the danger of death from heart disease and stroke. Some studies shows that those who take more green tea, have twenty eight percent less risk of coronary artery disease in the comparison to those who take less green tea. While the black tea has no effect on the danger of heart disease.


         And the special thing about green tea is that it has no serious side effect. Catchin anti oxidant increases liver enzymes in animals. Green tea also increases stone in kidney. So the doctor suggests not to take more than five cups of green tea in a single day. If anyone takes more than five cups of green tea in a single day then the person will experience more loss than the benefits. If green tea is used judiciously then the health of your heart will surely improve.