Tuesday, 18 December 2012



If you are fitness-savvy and wants to keep fitness gadgets in your home then the following equipment may be considered.

                             POWER BLOCK SPORT 2.4

 Are you trying to loose weight? If yes, using dumble can be interesting and also easy for weight training. Power Block Sport 2.4 (3-24 lbs each hand), can be used in place of eight pairs of dumble or 216 lbs free-weight. The weight range in three lbs increment is 3-24 lbs each hand and the increment is 3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24 lbs each hand. This product is cheaper for working out at home and you can do very good cardiac exercise. Power Block Sport 2.4 is designed in such way that one pair of Power Block equals to so many dumbles. If you add dumble in weight training  you can improve your fitness level and stamina, and can loose weight. You can buy it for 
RS. 11,200 from the website  :-    www.healthkart.com



Turbuster 2*2 Abdominal Twister is easy to use and is a revolutionary way to work on you lower abs, upper abs and oblic. Everyday, if for five minutes you do traditional crunch  reverse crunch and oblic exercise you can maintain your abs. To make work-out better twist and turn the lower part of your body. Forget the crunch on the floor. Use this machine and make your abs perfect. You can buy it for RS. 7,250 also from the above website :-     www.healthkart.com