Sunday, 23 December 2012




If ice-cream is part of your regular meal then you need not to be worried that it will be harmful to your health. Ice-cream contains too much protein, calcium etc. Things like egg, almond, cashew-nut etc. which are mixed with good quality of ice-cream, are beneficial to our health. If your cholesterol is in control then the egg which is full of vitamin B, will not harm you. Half-a-cup ice-cream is sufficient. If you are taking too much ice-cream, then it is harmful for your health. If you are taking anything occasionally, then that thing will never be harmful for your health. The butter made from ground-nut, does not have same nutrient value as the ice-cream has. But this is a very tasteful thing. This contains sufficient fiber and potassium . Therefore, you can enjoy ice-cream.


Friday, 21 December 2012



It is natural that weather change will affect your skin, but you can prevent it. During winter season your skin needs more care, otherwise your skin will become dry and lifeless. If you follow some tips, you can get rid of this problem. You can follow the following tips :-
    Unlike other season, using ordinary moisturizer does not               
    work in the winter season. This type of moisturizer is water- 
    based, which gets evaporated after being applied on the skin
    and your skin remains unprotected. Instead of water-based, 
    oil-based moisturizer should be used during winter which 
    means it should have more smoothness.

    Lipids is found in our skin which is responsible for  
    maintaining natural moister in our skin. So many people 
    start taking bath with too much hot water during winter
    which damages lipids and the skin starts becoming dry. So,
    avoid using too much hot water and also do not take bath 
    for long time.

    The skin of hands is thinner in comparison to the skin of 
    other parts of our body. There are very few oil glands in
    the skin of the hands. That is why the skin of the hands starts
    becoming dry during the winter and the summer season. So,
    moisturizer must be applied over the hands after doing any 
    work with the water.

    When after all the attempt, your dry skin problem is not 
     getting over, then you must consult the expert. Only a 
     specialist can give you right kind of advice according to
     your skin type. Many times the products you are using may 
     itself be a problem. If only a product is costly that does not 
     mean it will be best for you. After using the products, how
     does your skin reacts, that matter most.
 " I always apply the mixture of besan, lemon-juice and honey over my     
      face. This is my favorite beauty treatment."
                                                                                           MADHURI DIXIT


Thursday, 20 December 2012



For sound health there are many factors which is vital like, food habits, lifestyle, environment etc. Apart from these things, sound sleep also plays a very important role in keeping the health of a person fit. If a person does not take sound sleep regularly, that person may come in the grip of a number of disease like, high blood pressure, stroke, weight-gain, diabetes, etc. Doctors may say that the sleep pattern changes as the age grows. This thing also happens during the long period of sickness. Actually, the thing which is responsible for our sleeplessness is the thing that gives us comfort and that is sleeping pills. Sleeping pills can give you benefit in the starting but if you use it for long time, then its effect get minimize and your sleep may be disturbed. Sleeping pills affect one of the chemical of our mind which decreases the activity of the nerve and increases the sleep. People may experience sleep even in the  day time because of this pills. We should take sleeping pills in the case of need only and only after consulting the doctor. These pills are generally prescribed by the doctor for two to three weeks, but some people continue taking it for years. For some people it is easy to use pills than to try another ways for the sleep. And many doctors keep prescribing these medicine to the patients because either they are not the expert of sleep medicine or they try to give their patients immediate sleep. Some patients need long treatment but it is right to take this medicine for the short time. Therefore, take care of your sleep for keeping your health fit.



 Hair is one of the rarest gift of the God which make us beautiful and 
attractive. One cannot look beautiful and cute without hair. What will happen in the absence of the hair? Mere thinking of it gives us hard blow. In reality, we do not want to think of it even. Those who suffer from the problem of baldness or hair-loss, are always in mental tension because of this problem. The feeling of inferiority complex starts growing in those person. There are eighty types of disease related to hair problem. Baldness in male or male-pattern baldness is the main disease among all. Because of this disease, the head of the male starts losing hair slowly from the front and finally baldness appears. Genetic disorder, dandruff, tension, water-change, high blood pressure etc. are the main reason behind baldness.
                                    But baldness can be cured. Homeopathic medicine can not only control hair fall but baldness too. Those who are suffering from genetic disorder, can get benefit from homeopathic medicine. Now- a- days so many new techniques have also arrived in the market. Like, with the help of video-microscope you can get your hair examined and can know what type of hair grows over your head. Growing hair with the help of Italian- ray-therapy can be better. 

Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Happiness is one of the best way to keep yourself fit. Even so many research have proved this. Psychologist advocates for this too. When we are in happy mood, the activity of some special kind of hormone in our body increases which make our mood happy and save our mood from many negative thoughts too.
                    It means that each of us want to be happy and the factor which can make anyone happy is present in one's own body. But we are not happy always, why? What is the problem?There must be some reason. Yes, there is some reason behind it. The reasons are like not to take sufficient sleep, irregular lifestyle, recklessness in food habits and not to workout etc. badly affects this hormone. And because of this we encounter problems like, tiredness, irritation, tension, insomnia, bad mood, not to feel hungry, anger without any cause etc. for the whole day. To keep our sleep regular, maintain our energy level, to keep our mood in good condition and to make nutrition available to the mind, this hormone plays an important role. And for this, it is very important to have full balance of this hormone with the other chemicals of our body.
                    So what we can do to make this hormone active. We can do at least three things. Firstly, we should take sunlight because sunlight activates this hormone and in the absence of sunlight its level decreases. Secondly, we should take balance diet because in the absence of balance diet this hormone gets affected specially when people take high protein and low carbohydrates diet in the greed of loosing weight or dieting. Thirdly, we should avoid taking extra caffeinated drinks like tea, coffee or cold-drinks  and alcohol because these things adversely affects this hormone. Therefore, take care of this hormone and be happy to remain always fit.



Green tea helps in minimizing the danger of heart disease. Study says that flavored tea minimize LDL- cholesterol and triglisride. Green tea reduces the level of this two and at the same time reduces the danger of death from heart disease and stroke. Some studies shows that those who take more green tea, have twenty eight percent less risk of coronary artery disease in the comparison to those who take less green tea. While the black tea has no effect on the danger of heart disease.


         And the special thing about green tea is that it has no serious side effect. Catchin anti oxidant increases liver enzymes in animals. Green tea also increases stone in kidney. So the doctor suggests not to take more than five cups of green tea in a single day. If anyone takes more than five cups of green tea in a single day then the person will experience more loss than the benefits. If green tea is used judiciously then the health of your heart will surely improve.